Accepting jobs

We want to help you to get as many hours as possible at TidyMe. Check below how to accept more work so you can get the most out of the system:

ACCEPTING JOBS on the website:

1. Click on the calendar on the left, and click on the monthly view. Here, you will see some green names which are the jobs that are available for you to choose from. Click on any name, and the customer address and other details will pop up.

2. Read the checklist and check the location. If you are interested, click in "Accept all cleans"

3. Once you've accepted the job, the green colour will change. That means the job has been confirmed for you!

ACCEPTING JOBS on the app:

1. Click on the job, check the customer details, review their checklist if necessary and click in "Accept all cleans"

2. Once you've accepted the job, the icon on the right will become orange

How can I request more jobs on the platform?

Always check the monthly calendar view to look for upcoming jobs. If you are not seeing enough jobs, email requesting with your intention to travel further for jobs. We can then assign more zones to you and new jobs will then appear in your dashboard. 

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