What does blue, green and red jobs means in my calendar?

You can see available jobs in gaps in your available schedule. Jobs you have accepted are in GREEN and jobs that fit well and you might like to accept are in BLUEYou can click on the CURRENT JOBStab in the top left corner above your calendar to filter for jobs that you have currently accepted:

When you click on a BLUE job in the calendar, you will be able to see details of the suggested available job to the right of your calendar, with a button on the bottom right of this panel which says ACCEPT ALL JOBS or ACCEPT JOB. If you decide to accept it will show as GREEN as a current job you have once you refresh the page. You will also see a letter in brackets next to the customer name on each occurrence in the calendar which tells you about the frequency of the job.
(W)= Weekly / every week
(F) = Fortnightly / every two weeks
(M)= Monthly / every four weeks
(O)= Once off
The ones in RED shows jobs you have accepted previously but is currently outside of your availability. It means you need to update your availability in the system to ensure accurate information for your customers.

Frequent Asked Questions about this topic:

If the job in red in my calendar, do I need to accept it again? No, you have already accepted previously - you can also notice your name is in the "Assignment". However, if you are able to clean for this customer, it is recommended you update your availability.

Are these jobs in red confirmed? Yes, nothing has changed and the jobs are confirmed. Please ensure you update your availability so your customers can have accurate information about when you are able to work.

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