Holidays and Leaving TidyMe


Everyone deserves a break to recharge! Are you planning to go on holidays? Not a problem! Let your Manager know by submitting a ticket here at least 2 weeks before so we can plan ahead and inform your customers - we know they will miss you! Please return keys if you are holding any keys from our customers. 

If you are going on a short break, you will be able to keep your regular customers after you return. However, if you are going on a long break (>more than a month), we will have to give the opportunity to other crew members so you'll have to build your schedule from scratch after you return. 


We will be very sad to see you go! Please submit a ticket here at least 2 weeks before, so we can also plan ahead and let your customers know. It is also a great idea to let your manager know if you are holding any keys (replacement fees will apply in case you don't return them) or if you have any handover notes for the next crew. 

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