Do I have to add a Claim if the customer requested Extra Services or Extra Time?

If your customer has requested an Extra Service and its already showing under the booking details, it is not necessary to add a claim. The duration of the clean should already be adjusted. For example, if you are cleaning a house with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, we estimate 2 hours for a house of this size. If there is an extra service added, the duration of your clean will show up as 3 hours.

IMPORTANT: Please confirm with the customer if you think extra time will be required for the service. If the customer confirms verbally or via text message, let us know and we can then charge the customer and pay you extra accordingly.

If your customer requested an extra service while you were there and it's not in your calendar, please submit a ticket immediately so that we can approve this additional cost with them. The same applies for extra time - you must notify your manager through a ticket before the end of the day so that this can be approved with the customer, otherwise, this amount won't be paid. It's best to complete the work within the time provided and to ask the customer to contact us if they want to request for extra time or extra services after the job has started. 

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