I want to cancel a job

If you have more than 48 HOURS left for the job:

Failure to show up to a scheduled clean will result in a $50 penalty as this results in a direct loss of revenue for TidyMe. As an Independent Contractor, you are liable for your actions. Failure to show up to a clean more than once will result in instant removal from the platform. You are responsible for delivering reliable service to your customers - don’t let them down!

When you accept a job, you accept it as a regular weekly or fortnightly job - it's your commitment to your customer to ensure that you stay on that job. 

If your schedule changes and you need to cancel a job, please give us 48 business hours notice (i.e: TidyMe office is not opened on the weekends so if you have a job on the upcoming Monday to be cancelled, please be sure to let us know before Thursday). If you don't let us know in advance, a penalty of $50 will be applied.

You can see more in our Rules and Guidelines here.

If you have less than 48 HOURS left before your job:

1. Inform us immediately and provide us with the reason for cancellation. Please note that we will apply the penalty if you fail to mention about your pending medical certificate (if any). Please mention if you plan to provide a medical certificate so that we can keep the penalty on hold.

2. If the client wants to reschedule, please reschedule and inform us immediately about the new date and time. Don't force the client to reschedule and note that the cancellation penalty will not apply if the client agrees to reschedule without any complaints. 

3. For last minute cancellation (in the last 6 HRS before a clean, contact your customer immediately. Give them a genuine reason as to why you cannot attend (medical emergency, urgent appointment, etc) and tell them that TidyMe will be in touch soon.

For any other question, please get in touch with us. 

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